daisy hand chaki

The most commen early machine or device which grinding and make a flour from wheat and maize etc. It is common and any one use it to make a flour. Today these things are covered by technology and comes the big machine in Mills that can do many work in few time . It is time counsuming machine but it did not need electricity and fuel to operate it. In this technical era machines need fuel , electricity which is expensive day by day due to which every one want to save their time. The actual thing is any one work forMONEY means when some do hard work then it gain wealth in context of salary and payment, the thing where focus is they spending their time for other and they have not time for their work. Here   we have not time for ourselves. our work and we spend the gain money happly. The human must have plan about how to conduct a life , simple life. So these little things are agnored and thats life is beautiful and simple. In the Hamalayas the people are simple and conduct a simple life naturally as well as thoughtfully which is actually the fact of life. Which give the sence of Huminity. The rights of human on each other and society make perfect also fullfill the standard of life.

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