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Home Working Business Tips For Appearing Professional

For work from home business owners, one of the main problems they face is appearing professional in the eyes of customers and suppliers. While work from home business ventures are no less merit-worthy than those based out of offices, there is a certain stigma attached that work from home business owners must shake if they are to run a serious and profitable enterprise, and this can often be easier said than done, particularly if you are doing business in a market that’s full of larger, more ‘professional’ rivals. However, by embracing your work from home status and understanding how you can avoid appearing unprofessional to others, you should be able to grow your work from home business to a comfortable level.

The first problem encountered by most work from home business ventures if overcoming a residential address. Some mailing addresses are obviously residential, no matter how you try to cloak them, which obviously appears unprofessional to large clients and certainly has an impact on the way you can do business. Of course, you may be lucky and live on a notable commercial street or within a business district of your local town which might allow your address to come across as more business-like. If this isn’t the case, a good, low cost way around this is to opt for a mailbox service. These are usually provided by special mail handling companies that have prime locations to collect mail for this specific purpose. The mailboxes usually cost around £30 per month for prime addresses, and you can also usually have mail forwarded directly to your home address. This is also beneficial in giving your business the appearance of being national, by having addresses in major cities which all forward to your home address.

Another obvious potential problem is your phone number. While it’s perfectly OK to have a local landline number, you don’t want your family answering the phone to business customers, and you certainly don’t want to advertise a mobile number as the means of contact for professionalism reasons. A good way around this is to install a second phone line and to purchase an additional phone located within your work from home office, that is set up only to handle business calls. So long as this phone line and phone number is reserved for your business customers, there can never be any confusion as to who is phoning and for what purpose, allowing you to appear more professional overall.

Work from home business ventures are commonplace, and when most individuals give up employment to go it alone they tend to start out using their own home as a base. This reduces operating costs and hassles, and allows for the most flexibility possible in starting up the business. By working around the obvious problems associated with your mailing address, and taking the time to install separate phone lines and work around any of the more apparent problems your work from home business might encounter, there’s no reason whatsoever that you can’t make a successful business from your back bedroom, without having to waste money on expensive office space.