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Business Tips and Tricks

There are three main secrets for the success of a trading business.
1. Quality Products
2. Reasonable/Low Price
3. Good Moral Character/Good behavior.
Besides this there are so many tips and tricks for the success of a trading business. If you want success in your business then it is necessary to create feeling of love and brotherhood with your customers. You can do this while apply following tips and tricks. I have given business tips and tricks in urdu.
1. Remember the names of your customers or clients and always call them with their names. During conversation with the customers use the name of customers again and again. As you know that every one likes his own name.
2. Suppose a customer buy lot of things from your store then you must give him some things free as a gift. For example a customer has bought some food items from your store then you should insert some match box free in his bag. This practice will create feeling of love in the heart of customers. So they will come again and again to your shop. shop keeping tips.
3. People always like to purchase goods at low price. You can cash this weakness of human. Give one daily use item at factory rate without making profit. It will appeal the customers towards your shop. Because no one shopkeeper in the city can sale the same product at this lowest prices on which you are going to sale.
For example you can sale soap at factory rate. All of the traders in the city can not expect this non-sense practice. But this is not actually non-sense exercise. Because when the customers start coming to your shop then they will buy some other things from your store. You can make profit from other products.

4. Inspire the customers to buy more and more items from your store. You can do this while using the lucky draw once in a month at your shop. The condition for participating in lucky draw is to purchase a reasonable amount of products from your store. As the purchasing of a customer increases the chances of prize winning may also increases. Business Tips in Urdu.
5. Always try to read the face of customer and persuade him to purchase the products.
6. Should not reduce the prices of products at once but you should come down after the strong insistent of customers.
7. Always sale high quality goods to the customers. Should not deceive the customers. Because you can deceive the people one time but can not deceive the all the time.
8. If there is a fault in the products then you should inform the customers in advance.
Managerial communication is a function which helps managers communicates with each other as well as with employees within the organization. Every manager needs to learn the art of communication because it is the major function of managers to get things done through the efforts of others. So there is a need of communication for the smooth operation of organization. The manager should give instructions to the employees with very polite and friendly mood. There should be no dictatorship in their speaking style. The manager should know about the human psychology. First off all managers should be well dress and with the smiling face while they are on duty. Secondly, he should learn the communication skills.
Tips of Effective Communication.
" Listen carefully.
" Do not interrupt while the other person is speaking.
" Respect the thoughts, believes and ideas of others.
" Remembers the name of subordinates.
" Always calls them with their name.
" Use Names of Listeners again and again during talk.
" Discuss the personal issues of subordinates.
" Tips of Effective Communication
" Always thankful for workers.
" Keep friendly environment.
" Always praise them when they work hard.
" Give special title to the good workers.
" Give special achievement awards.
" While advising always use these words ( You know better) don t use (You don t know).
" Realize the importance of workers.
" Encourage the Workers
" Tips of Communication.
" Promote the concept of morning meetings at workplace.
" Increase your listening skills. A good listener is always a good communicator.
" Also train your team members how to write an official mail.
" Relevant: Make sure whatever you communicate is relevant.
" Tips of Communication
" No communication is complete unless the message is understood clearly by the recipients
" Never communicate at a noisy place.
" Always speak with the smiling face.
" Flow in speaking.
" Lordliness in speaking shows the confidence.