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2 Computer-Based Ideas for Starting a Small Business

2 Computer-Based Ideas for Starting a Small Business
Need ideas for starting a small business? Look no farther than your computer monitor.
Every entrepreneur worth his or her salt knows technology is the present and future of small business.
While it’s unlikely – fingers-crossed – we reach an Orwellian dystopia-level of technological infrastructure, you can sure bet tech will prove to be even more crucial to entrepreneurship and small business than it already is.
So where do you – as the entrepreneur looking to make money off the tech explosion – factor in? Well, if your brain reserve is running low on ideas for starting a small business, look no farther than the thing that started it all: the computer.
has seen rapid technology adoption among small-business owners, and that opens the door for you to launch a startup dealing with computers and solving issues related to the increasing reliance on them.
From computer repairs and maintenance to using your own computer to make money, here are two ways you can capitalize on comps:
Consider yourself a techie? Know the ins and outs of computers, from terabytes to microprocessors? You can make some serious dough by repairing computers because the demand is most certainly out there.
In a recent survey by Brothers International, 75 percent of small-business owners said a crashed computer is more disruptive than an absent employee.
For all the convenience and newfound abilities computers grant us, they will forever be absurdly frustrating because of malfunctions. As such, you can make a rock-solid business out of computer repair. It might even be worthy embracing the nerd side of computer repair when marketing your services. The success of the Geek Squad indicates as much.

Affiliate Marketing

One way you can use your own computer and website to make bank is engaging in affiliate marketing.
If you’ve got a highly frequented blog, you can translate that site traffic into real dollars by displaying ads from companies that will pay you to feature their marketing on your site, in effect, making you an affiliate – which is where the term for this style of marketing comes from.
Of course, you’ll have to make your site attractive enough for brands to want to advertise on it. To do this, it’s essential you employ search engine optimization (SEO) strategies like focusing on including keywords, link-building and ensuring your content is quality, not spam.
 knows it’s hard to find a golden business opportunity, even when you’re staring at the answer for hours each day. The demand for computer maintenance and repair will likely never diminish. , If anything, it will build, and affiliate marketing remains a stellar choice for entrepreneurs looking to earn digital dollars.